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Floor Walls and More will connect you with Laminate Flooring experts in Randburg that supply and install the highest quality flooring available. There are many colours and styles available. The best quality Laminate Flooring and top-notch service whether domestic, commercial, office, hotel, or retail.

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Why choose Laminate for your flooring?

Laminate floors are much easier to install when compared to solid-wood hardwood floors and are made up of different wood-based materials that are laminated together and then topped with a photographic imprint on the top of each board.

For the real wood textures, Laminate Flooring is a perfect choice, not only does it look good It also has heat-insulating properties for those cold winter months.

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What are the pros of Laminate flooring

  • Trendy
  • Functional
  • Cost-effective
  • Many styles
  • Durable
  • Many colours
  • Easy to clean

Laminate flooring options

Glue-less laminate flooring

With the Glue-less laminate flooring, no glue is used. Our team is able to use the right method to affix the planks to the floor.

Glued laminate flooring

With the Glued laminate flooring the joints need to be glued together, this type of installation makes it very strong.

Pre-glued laminate flooring

Pre-glued laminate flooring has the glue already applied, so the planks are just snapped into place, some of the edges need to be dampened to activate the glue.
This method of installation is quick and easy.

Laminated Flooring - Frequently asked questions

How durable is Laminate flooring?

Because Laminate flooring is so durable, its less susceptible to wear and tear from pets and foot traffic.

Do you need underlayment under laminate flooring?

Underlayment is very important as this is what makes the floor float, gives stability and support, reduces noise, and supports the locking systems between planks.

How do you clean Laminate flooring?

Sweep with a soft broom or vacuum with the hard surface vacuum cleaning 

attachment and mop with a slightly damp sponge mop. 

Can laminate flooring be installed over heated floors?

Yes, floors with radiant heat are not a problem for laminate flooring.

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